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Study Reveals Stress Response Protein’s Critical Role in Leukemia Stem Cell Renewal

Significance of HSF1 Findings Featured in Nature Communications Cancer Highlights

San Diego, CA, November 17, 2022 – A recent study conducted by researchers at Case Western Reserve University identified Heat Shock Transcription Factor 1 (HSF1) as a key protein driving the renewal of leukemia stem cells in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). The findings, featured in Nature Communications Cancer Highlights, identify HSF1 as a potential therapeutic target for AML treatment.

The study demonstrates that HSF1 is specifically required for the maintenance of AML stem cells while sparing steady-state and stressed hematopoiesis. By pharmacologically targeting HSF1 with Sisu Pharma’s selective HSF1 degrader, the researchers observed compelling anti-leukemic effects. The findings could provide new avenues for treating AML, which is maintained by self-renewing leukemic stem cells.

The work features as part of a recent series of cancer-related research featured on the Nature Editor’s Highlights webpage which aim to showcase the 50 best papers recently published in an area. It is linked prominently on the journal homepage ( and a dedicated Editors’ Highlights page (

About Sisu

Sisu Pharma ( is a biotechnology company focused on exploiting cellular stress by directly targeting Heat Shock Factor 1 (HSF1), the central stress protective transcription factor. The company’s HSF1 targeting platform has delivered selective HSF1 degraders for oncology that demonstrate compelling efficacy in therapy-resistant cancer models and provides additional opportunities for developing treatments for neurodegenerative conditions and infectious diseases.

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